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Anime Rape

Blog featuring hardcore anime rape sex. Only the best anime rape porn pics and videos awaiting you here, enter the world of anime rape.

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November 13 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 07:47 ]

Some fantasies are so bizarre they can never actually happen in real life. So sick, that no human or animal could ever take part... that is where Violent Anime comes in. See women fucked by machines, animals, demons... everything under the sun. Raped, beaten, tortured... acts that would send the participants to prison! Every fantasy, no matter how evil, can be lived out at VIOLENT ANIME!
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November 12 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 23:00 ]

Some fantasies are so extreme, so EVIL, that they cannot be carried out. At least, without someone going to prison. That is where VIOLENT ANIME comes in... what do you do when you have a fantasy so dark that you dare not carry it out? Turn to the Asians! The VIOLENT ANIME team features the best Anime artists in the world creating the sickest, most frightening and extreme sexual Anime in the WORLD.
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November 10 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 22:06 ]

See women tortured, sliced up, raped by men, fucked by machines, animals, DEMONS. Every darkest desire comes to life at VIOLENT ANIME. Thousands of animated clips, many full-length. A massive archive of artwork depicting the most shocking scenarios imaginable. Nothing is too taboo... updates are done every week. 100% anonymous signup. JOIN NOW.
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November 08 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 12:11 ]

The darkest fantasies, the TRULY darkest fantasies, can never be achieved without someone going to prison, or HELL. Until now. In Anime, anything is possible, We guarantee you will be shocked by what you see in VIOLENT ANIME. Not only has the VIOLENT ANIME team scoured the world for the most extreme content, but the ace team churns out new images and cartoons constantly. Finally, every single fantasy can be brought to life...
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November 07 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 22:18 ]

Some fantasies are too dark, too extreme for reality. Even on the internet, where almost anything goes, there are some acts that are too sick to be depicted without someone going to jail or hell!!! Click here to SEE MORE!!
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November 06 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 12:24 ]

At violent anime, all bets are off! This site features the most insane, shocking, and over-the-top animation of ALL TIME. Imagine a world where there are no laws, no boundaries, no limit to how far any sexual encounter can go. Where no one is actually hurt. where your darkest desires can pour out and be realized. The violent anime team has hired the most talented Japanese artists to make the most violent fantasies come to full motion, sound and color. The Japanese call it "Hentai," but what you will see at VIOLENT ANIME goes beyond even that.
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November 05 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 18:28 ]

The usual dark scenarios are here: rape, violation, sodomy, torture, bondage, humiliation and more, but everything is taken further into the fantasy, approaching certain things we can't even say here for fear of what might happen. But, rest assured, no matter how sick your desires may be, they come to life and are taken further than you ever imagined at VIOLENT ANIME!
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November 04 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 08:35 ]

Hentai is a big thing in the porn world right now. Japanese animation where girls are involved in deviant sexual activities with men, beasts, and everything you can imagine. At violent anime, they have taken the concept of Hentai even further down the dark well of sexual deviance. Women are violated so unmercifully that they don't recover. There is no turning back once they cross the line, and that line is not just crossed at violent anime, it is wiped away.
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November 02 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 21:41 ]

See petite Geisha girls raped by beasts of every shape and form! Gang fucked by men with cocks so big, they bleed and tear! In full color and sound, you will see events that could never happen in real life occur, all expertly and realistically drawn in full color and sound. The animations are full-length and available to download or stream. Violent Anime is the perfect site for those of you with REALLY deviant desires as nothing is TABOO!
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November 01 2008
Posted by Free Porn  [ 11:45 ]

In addition to the movie archive, there are thousands of images created exclusively for the site, again with every freaky fantasy explored. They update on a weekly basis with new stuff, and it just gets more and more insane. If it is THIS nuts, now I can't imagine what it will be like in a few months!
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